Why MALWARE alert?

  • Google marked us as malware site. Google webmaster tools does not list any sample link. Most likely our fraudlent paid or free trial user shared malware link a chat.
  • 10+ years of fair and good work do not matter if you are big as google

What we will do?

  • 1. Ban free trials and new suspicious clients.
  • 2. Run service on new domain. (We will provide good new code ASAP. We hope today in 24th of September.
  • 3. We will add support for your own domains and our domains will not affect your site

Thank You for patience and support

$19.50 per operator per month
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  • One on One and One on Many Live Chat
  • Preset Library
  • Auto Answer (Software may automatically select preset answers and operator have to make only one click to send it)
  • Operator to Operator chat
  • Chat History
  • Pull, Leave & Transfer Visitors between operators
  • Live Spelling and Auto Correction
  • Cross Platform operator's console
  • Scripting
  • Auto Invitations
  • Geo Info
  • Live Engage v2
  • Auto Engage
  • Commands system
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Hide to Tray
  • Push Page, Push Image
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Forget about Popup Blockers!
  • Get all from your investments in Ads Campaigns
  • Full-featured Advanced Software
  • Maximize Sales
  • Reduce Cost
  • Keep Customers Satisfied
  • Integration with your WebApplication
  • Great Live Chat Buttons
  • Customize Everything